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Book Review: “Active Baby, Healthy Brain” by Margaret Sassé

A question we often get in the office is regarding what you can do to prevent developmental issues in children, especially if an older sibling is diagnosed. There is no way to ensure perfect development, but there are ways we can help guide.

“Active Baby, Healthy Brain” by Margaret Sassé is the book I recommend to caregivers wanting more information and activities to do with their child to aid in the holistic development of their children. This book is an invaluable resource on early childhood development.

The book includes 135 meticulously curated exercises and activities to foster brain and vision development in infants and young children. The range of activities provided ensures that the book caters to a diverse spectrum of developmental stages, making it a relevant guide from birth through age 5 1/2.

The book is organized on various developmental domains, enabling readers to easily navigate the options and choose what is best suited to their child's needs. Each activity is spelled out with simple and clear instructions, ensuring accessibility to readers with varying levels of familiarity with child development.

I love that “Active Baby, Healthy Brain” is written with a holistic approach. The activities are not mere stimulatory exercises; they are comprehensive engagements encompassing physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development, acknowledging the interconnectedness of these domains in early childhood. The illustrations accompanying the activities serve as visual aids, enhancing understanding and implementation.

The approach uses the philosophy of learning through play. The activities are crafted to be fun and engaging for the child, fostering an environment of joy and exploration. This playful approach enhances learning and strengthens the bond between the child and the caregiver.

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Active Baby, Healthy Brain


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