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Sports vision training (VT) can be used by athletes of any age and any level of sports to gain an upper hand on the competition. Most players have the speed, strength and endurance needed to play the sports; yet, it is the enhancement in visual processing skills and superior reaction time that distinguishes the great athletes from the good athletes. Sports VT helps athletes develop high-caliber visual processing functions, giving the extremely skilled athletes the ability to make prompt, game-changing decisions that result in a win. Improved visual reaction speed grants the athlete the ability to process the game in "slow motion" so that they may be able to foresee and act with increased accuracy and split-second timing.

Our program focuses on improving the skills used during competition.​ These skills include but are not limited to:

  • Eye tracking

  • Visual processing speed (reaction time)

  • Eye focusing

  • Binocular vision (depth perception)

  • Visual attention (central and peripheral vision)

Upon evaluation, our doctor will assess visual performance as it pertains to the particular sport and position played. The information gathered from the assessment will be used to develop a personal vision profile for the athlete. We will be able determine our athletes visual strengths and weaknesses and improve upon these vulnerabilities to help them become an elite athlete. Sports VT is a great addition to training for any player that wants to boost their performance to new heights.


The examination allows our doctor to:

  • Determine speed and accuracy of visual input

  • Prescribe corrective lenses that athlete may need to see better than 20/20

  • Gauge the readiness of the visual system to interpret the game

Upon completion of the sports vision therapy program, our mission is to make good athletes great! By enhancing our athletes visual processing skills, we are improving their reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and overall performance.

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