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Meet our Vision Therapy Graduate: Ryan

Initial concerns: Blurred close vision, double vision, headaches, words running together on page, falls asleep while reading, sees worse at the end of the day, skips/repeats lines when reading, dizzy/nauseated by near work, difficulty copying from the board at school, avoids near work, poor reading comprehension, poor/inconsistent in sports, holds reading too close, trouble keeping attention on reading, difficulty completing work on time, avoids sports, poor hand/eye coordination, trouble judging distance, poor time use/management, and loses things/belongings.


Weeks of therapy: 20 weeks


Ryan dedicated considerable time and effort to engage in a 10-week therapy program, and the results were noteworthy, yielding significant improvements in both his academic performance and athletic abilities. Throughout this therapeutic journey, Ryan invested himself fully, demonstrating commitment and perseverance in every session.


Ryan's heightened proficiency in both academic tasks and sports fueled his enthusiasm for actively participating in sports and activities like reading.


With his efforts and dedication, Ryan has made strides to the point where avoiding near work is no longer necessary. Thanks to his enhanced skills and capabilities, the tasks that once challenged him have become more manageable.

Vision Therapy Graduate

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