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Meet Our Graduate: Lexi

Initial concerns: 

School performance below potential 

Loses place while reading or copying 

Skips words while reading 

Uses finger to keep place while reading or writing 

Reverses letters numbers or words 

Slow reading 

Poor comprehension 

Poor spelling 

Confuses rights and lefts 

Eyes fatigue 

Weeks of therapy: 12

Lexi's academic journey was marked by challenges that seemed to hold her back from reaching her full potential. She experienced difficulties such as losing her place while reading or copying text, skipping words, and using her finger to maintain her place. These struggles extended to her writing, where she often reversed letters, numbers, or even entire words.

Reading Woes:

Reading, a fundamental skill in education, proved to be a slow and arduous task for Lexi. Her comprehension suffered, leading to poor spelling and a constant feeling of fatigue in her eyes. These challenges not only affected her academic performance but also took a toll on her confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

Identifying the Root Cause:

Recognizing the need for intervention, Lexi and her family sought professional guidance. It was determined that Lexi was dealing with visual processing issues that were impacting her ability to read, write, and comprehend information effectively.

Enter Vision Therapy:

With a diagnosis in hand, Lexi embarked on a 12-week journey of vision therapy—a specialized program designed to improve visual function and processing. Under the guidance of skilled therapists, Lexi engaged in a series of exercises and activities aimed at strengthening her eye muscles and enhancing her visual perception.

Transformation Unfolds:

As Lexi progressed through the vision therapy sessions, a remarkable transformation took place. The once slow and labored reading became more fluid, and her comprehension improved significantly. The physical symptoms, such as eye fatigue and the need to use a finger to follow along, gradually disappeared.

The Power of Progress:

Lexi's newfound abilities extended beyond reading. Her spelling skills improved, and she no longer struggled with reversing letters or numbers. The confidence she gained from conquering these challenges positively impacted her overall academic performance and attitude towards learning.

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