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Meet Our Grad: Avery

Initial Concerns: Poor coordination, missing academic milestones. 


Weeks of Therapy: 12


Understanding the Challenges:

Avery was very bright but struggled hitting certain academic milestones, and had struggles with depth perception, and navigating a room. Struggles with handwriting was really impacting Avery, even avoiding it at home. 


The Decision to Explore Vision Therapy:

Avery and her parents knew she was a very intelligent but something was not clicking for her. With a program designed specifically for Avery, vision therapy goes beyond traditional eye care. 


Avery’s Vision Therapy Journey:

Avery’s 12 week program was specifically made with her needs in mind. The program included many tracking activities and was designed to help Avery learn how to team her eyes. Avery’s hard working attitude combined with the vision therapy program was a great success. 


Results and Reflections:

Avery’s hand writing improved, and she no longer avoids writing. Avery also gained better spatial awareness, and depth perception. Simply navigating a room became easier. 



Avery’s vision therapy journey just goes to show what a good program along with hard work can do to improve ones visual abilities and quality of life. Navigating the world when your eyes are not working together can be very difficult, and cause many issues. Congrats Avery on tackling these issues and improving your life! 

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