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Meet our Vision Therapy Graduate: Luna

Initial concerns:

  • Headaches

  • Eyes tired/fatigued

  • Difficulty tracking

  • Words move on the page

  • School performance below potential

Weeks of therapy: 24 


By dedicating the time and effort required for her vision therapy program, Luna has experienced remarkable improvements in her eyes, significantly easing her daily living. The positive effects of the therapy are particularly evident in her school performance, where she has made immense strides. One notable improvement is the significant reduction in fatigue experienced while reading, transforming what was once a laborious task into a much more manageable and less taxing activity.


Luna's commitment to the vision therapy program not only addresses the physical aspects of her eyes but also profoundly impacts her overall well-being, making everyday activities more comfortable and enjoyable. The substantial progress she has achieved in her school performance stands as a testament to the effectiveness of the therapy, demonstrating its ability to alleviate challenges and enhance the quality of life for individuals like Luna.

Vision Therapy Graduate

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