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Meet Our Graduate: Leighton

Weeks of Therapy: 24

Initial Concerns: Leighton faced challenges that extended beyond mere eyesight. Her initial concerns painted a vivid picture of struggles with close vision, headaches during near work, letter reversals, and difficulties in maintaining focus while reading.

The Journey: Leighton's vision therapy journey was a personalized exploration into the intricacies of her visual challenges. Guided by our experienced vision therapists, she navigated a series of targeted exercises and activities crafted to address her specific concerns. Week by week, Leighton's dedication and resilience became evident as she delved into the world of vision therapy, gradually unraveling the layers of her visual obstacles.

Conclusion: Today, we celebrate Leighton's success as a graduate of our vision therapy program. The once-blurred close vision has sharpened, headaches have dissipated, and the loss of place while reading or copying has transformed into a seamless flow of focus. Letter reversals are now a thing of the past, and Leighton has conquered the challenge of keeping attention, both in academic pursuits and daily activities. Her triumph stands as a testament to the effectiveness of vision therapy in addressing not only visual issues but also the broader impact on one's overall well-being. We congratulate Leighton on her achievements and look forward to witnessing the continued success that lies ahead in her journey to visual clarity.

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