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Meet our Graduate: Lilly

Initial Concerns:

Eyes fatigue, difficulty tracking, blurry vision, school performance below potential, and headaches.

Weeks of Therapy: 18 weeks

How are they doing now:

Lilly's difficulties in reading and tracking were apparent early on. She would often lose her place while reading, and tracking objects or following along with classroom materials became a tiring task. These challenges not only impacted her academic performance but also led to frequent headaches, affecting her overall well-being.

Recognizing the need for intervention, Lilly's parents turned to vision therapy as a potential solution. Her program was designed to improve and strengthen her visual skills and address eye tracking, focusing, and coordination issues. Under the supervision of vision therapists, Lilly diligently worked through various exercises that gradually improved her eye movements, vergence ranges, and visual processing skills.

As weeks passed, Lilly began to experience noticeable improvements. Her reading became more fluid, and tracking objects became less challenging. The headaches that once plagued her started to fade away. Lilly's confidence soared as she broke through the barriers that had hindered her academic and personal growth.

The culmination of Lilly's 18-week vision therapy journey was marked by significant achievements. She conquered the reading and tracking difficulties and discovered a newfound joy in learning. This transformative journey emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing vision issues early on, offering a brighter future for those seeking a path to success and improved well-being. Congratulations on being a vision therapy graduate, Lilly!

Vision Therapy Graduate

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