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Meet Our Graduate: Isabella

Initial Concerns:

Isabella was a great reader and had amazing comprehension. However she was still having trouble keeping up in school. Isabella had head aches and blurry double vision. She would have trouble tracking things on the board and was beginning to dislike school.

Weeks of Therapy:18

The Struggles:

Isabella started her vision therapy journey with a comprehensive assessment to identify the exact issues that were affecting her vision. The results showed that Isabella had a difficult time tracking objects and a hard time with her coordination. With this information we were able to create a personalized vision therapy program designed with Isabellas vision needs in mind.

Seeking Help:

With the guidance of a skilled vision therapist, Isabella began a series of activities and eye exercises to strengthen her visual skills.

The Vision Therapy Journey:

When Isabella began vision therapy she did not enjoy reading due to the loss of focus and head aches. Over her time in the therapy program Isabellas developed a love for reading and now enjoys school.

Gradual Progress & Success:

Isabella’s success in vision therapy showed how hard of a worker she was. As her visual skills improved her confidence also improved. Isabella began to enjoy the vision therapy process when she began to see results. Isabellas academic and athletic performances saw improvements during her vision therapy journey.

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