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Meet our graduate: Lincoln

Initial concerns:


Difficulty tracking

Words moving on a page

Poor academic performance

Difficulty completing work on time

Weeks of therapy: 12

Identifying the Challenges

Lincoln's journey began with a series of visual challenges that significantly impacted his daily life. Headaches, difficulty tracking, and the perception of words moving on a page created a barrier between him and the academic success he deserved. These challenges not only affected his academic performance but also spilled over into other areas, causing frustration.

The Decision to Pursue Vision Therapy

Recognizing the importance of addressing Lincoln's visual issues, his parents, along with his educators, decided to explore the possibilities of vision therapy. Vision therapy is a specialized program designed to improve visual skills and abilities, aiming to alleviate symptoms related to visual challenges. Lincoln's case was no exception, as he embarked on a 12-week journey with a team of dedicated professionals committed to enhancing his visual capabilities.

The Results

After 12 weeks of dedicated vision therapy, the transformation in Lincoln's life was nothing short of remarkable. The once-present headaches were now a distant memory. His ability to track objects and follow lines of text had significantly improved, leading to a positive impact on his school performance.

Academic and Personal Achievements

The positive changes brought about by vision therapy extended beyond the classroom. Lincoln's newfound visual skills not only improved his academic performance but also positively influenced his overall well-being. With enhanced visual abilities, he excelled in tasks that previously seemed daunting. His improved focus and concentration translated into success not only in academics but also in occupational therapy, where he showcased newfound confidence and efficiency.

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