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Meet our Vision Therapy Graduate: Bobby

Initial Concerns:

Difficulty tracking, blurry vision, and trouble focusing.

Weeks of Therapy: 12 weeks

Bobby’s 12-week vision therapy program addressed his specific needs through exercises and activities tailored to improve his tracking, clarity of vision, focusing abilities, and overall visual processing skills.

The early weeks of therapy were challenging, as Bobby dedicated time and effort to the exercises prescribed by his vision therapist. The exercises were designed to enhance eye movements, strengthen eye muscles, and promote better coordination between his eyes and brain. Patience was key as Bobby navigated through the process, understanding that progress in vision therapy often unfolds gradually.

As the weeks unfolded, Bobby's determination began to yield noticeable results. Tracking objects became more fluid, and the once blurry vision started to sharpen. Focusing, a task that had previously felt like an uphill battle, became more manageable. The improvements were physical and reflected in Bobby's increased confidence and sense of accomplishment.

vision therapy graduate

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