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Meet Our Graduate: Alexa

Initial Concerns:

  • School performance below potential

  • Words run together while reading

  • Skips words while reading or copying

  • Substitute words while reading or copying

  • Reverses letters, numbers or words

  • Reads very slowly

  • Poor reading comprehension

  • Vocalizes when reading silently

  • Difficulty copying from the board

  • Omits small words when reading

  • Misaligns digits/columns of numbers

  • Poor spelling skills

  • Poor/inconsistent in sports Holds reading too close

  • Trouble keeping attention on reading

  • Difficulty completing work on time

  • Says “I can’t” before trying

  • Becomes restless when working at his/her desk

  • Must “feel” things to see them

  • Poor hand/eye coordination

  • Poor handwriting

  • Writing is crooked or poorly spaced

  • Does not judge distance accurately

  • Does not make change well

  • Loses things/belongings

  • Forgetfulness/poor memory

Weeks of Vision Therapy: 36 weeks

How are they doing now?:

No More Visual Symptoms

The primary goal of vision therapy for Alexa was to address and alleviate her visual symptoms. We're thrilled to report that post-therapy, Alexa has been free from the visual challenges that once seemed so persistent.

School: A Renewed Experience

With her visual symptoms in check, Alexa's perception of school has completely changed. No longer burdened by comprehension issues or the strain to keep up, she's actively participating and enjoying her classes. It's truly heartening to witness the newfound enthusiasm she brings to her studies.

Alexa's Blossoming Social Life

Beyond the academics, Alexa's social horizon has expanded. Enhanced visual perception and the confidence stemming from it have played a role in refining her social skills. Today, she's making more friends and engaging in more group activities.

Reading: A Work in Progress

While Alexa has made leaps and bounds in many areas, she's still warming up to the idea of reading for leisure. Yet, when she reads for academic purposes, she's confident and comprehending better than ever before, marking a significant personal achievement.


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