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Meet Our Graduate: Amelia

Initial Concerns:

Eye turn

Double vision


Head tilt

Close working distance

Weeks of Vision Therapy: 24 weeks

How are they doing now?:

The Beginning of the Journey

Amelia faced the daily challenge of strabismus, which impacted her life in various ways. Strabismus, a condition where the eyes do not align properly, can be a challenging hurdle to overcome. Amelia’s struggles with strabismus left her with no depth perception, poor ocular motor skills, and difficulty achieving fusion at near distances. This affected her daily life, making simple tasks like catching a ball or reading challenging. She also experienced suppression, where her brain would ignore the input from one eye to avoid double vision.

The Decision to Start Vision Therapy

Frustrated by the limitations her condition imposed on her life, Amelia and her family decided to explore vision therapy as a potential solution. Vision therapy is a personalized program designed to improve eye coordination and visual skills through a series of activities.

The 24-Week Transformation

Amelia's vision therapy journey spanned 24 weeks, a period of dedication and hard work that would prove to be life-changing. With the guidance of her vision therapist, she embarked on a series of exercises tailored to her specific needs. These exercises aimed to improve her eye alignment, enhance her eye movements, and eliminate suppression.

The Remarkable Results

As the weeks passed, the progress was undeniable. Amelia's eyes, once misaligned, began to work together effortlessly. The suppression she had experienced for so long started to fade away, allowing her to see clearly through both eyes simultaneously. Depth perception, something she had never truly known, suddenly became a part of her daily life.

A Brighter Future

Amelia's vision therapy journey was nothing short of remarkable. Her dedication to the program led to a transformation that went beyond the physical alignment of her eyes. It gave her the confidence to engage with the world in a whole new way, free from the limitations that strabismus had once imposed.

Her story serves as an inspiration to anyone facing vision challenges. It highlights the power of determination and the incredible impact of vision therapy. Thanks to her journey, Amelia can now look forward to a future filled with depth perception, clear vision, and boundless possibilities.

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