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Meet our Vision Therapy Graduate: Abra

Weeks of Therapy: 24.


Initial Concerns:

  • Skipping lines while reading

  • Words moving while reading

  • Fatigue

  • Difficulty focusing


Abra was facing problems in school and beginning to not enjoy it very much due to the issues that she was having with her eyes. Reading was not fun and was becoming increasingly difficult.


The Vision Therapy Journey:


Abras's support system decided that vision therapy may be key in aiding Abra in her struggles. Abra worked hard through exercises designed specifically for her and the issues that she was having with her visual system. Seeing her therapist 1 time a week and working very hard on her own time, Abra was able to complete her therapy process in 24 weeks.


Conclusion: Abra showed that with hard work and the right people around, you can improve things. Fatigue is no longer an issue, nor is skipping lines or moving words while reading.


Congratulations Abra!

vision therapy graduate


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