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Meet our Graduate: Camilla

Initial concerns:

Headaches, blurry/difficulty focusing, eyes tired/fatigued, difficulty tracking, dislikes school/reading, school performance below potential.

Weeks of therapy: 20 weeks of therapy

How are they doing now:

For Camilla , persistent headaches, difficulty focusing, and fatigue in her eyes were becoming part of her everyday experience. Little did she know that these seemingly mundane symptoms were signaling a more profound issue that would significantly impact her life.

Camilla's struggles were multifaceted, ranging from headaches to a dislike for school and reading. The symptoms were taking a toll on her overall well-being, affecting her life as a whole. She decided to commit to vision therapy and has seen outstanding results.

As Camilla committed herself to the vision therapy program, she began to experience a remarkable transformation. The persistent headaches that had hindered her daily functioning for so long gradually faded away. The once blurry and fatigued eyes now felt rejuvenated and capable. Difficulty focusing turned into a newfound clarity, and the aversion to reading and school became a thing of the past.

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