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Meet our Vision Therapy Graduate: AJ

Updated: Jun 2

AJ, like countless others, found herself grappling with computer eye syndrome, difficulty tracking, blurry vision, and constant eye fatigue. However, her journey took a positive turn when she explored the realm of vision therapy.

The Struggle:

AJ's daily life was marred by the constant discomfort of computer eye syndrome and hours spent in front of a screen for work left her with difficulty tracking, blurred vision, and persistent eye fatigue. The toll on her overall well-being was undeniable, and it became clear that a solution was needed.

Entering Vision Therapy:

Determined to find relief, AJ embarked on an eight-week vision therapy journey. This specialized program focuses on improving visual skills and reducing the impact of digital eye strain. Under the guidance of vision professionals, AJ underwent a series of exercises and activities designed to address her specific visual challenges.

Progress and Improvements:

As the weeks passed, AJ began to experience significant improvements. The once-blurry vision became sharper, and tracking objects became more natural. The persistent eye fatigue that had become a daily companion started to fade away. It was a gradual but transformative process showcasing targeted vision therapy's power.

Tolerating 8-Hour Workdays:

One of the most remarkable outcomes of AJ's vision therapy journey was its impact on her work life. As someone who spent eight hours a day in front of a computer, the initial discomfort had made the daily grind challenging. However, with newfound visual clarity and reduced fatigue, AJ tolerates and even enjoys her work on the screen.

The End Result:

Fast forward eight weeks, and AJ is a testament to the effectiveness of vision therapy. Her computer eye syndrome is now a thing of the past, and the difficulties she faced have been replaced by a sense of visual comfort and ease. The improvements extend beyond physical symptoms; her overall quality of life has seen a positive shift.

Vision therapy graduate

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