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Meet our Graduate: Moby

Updated: Jun 2

Weeks of Therapy: 12


Initial concerns: Moby disliked school and struggled with reading. He had blurry vision and skipped lines while reading. In addition to his reading concerns, Moby also had a hard time focusing. These concerns prevented him from enjoying life to the fullest.



The Vision Therapy Journey: With the troubles in front of him, Moby and his support system decided to face them head-on. A custom vision therapy program was designed with Moby’s issues in mind. With weekly meetings with his therapist and working hard at home with the assignments given to him, Moby was able to graduate from his vision therapy program in just 12 weeks! The issues that Moby was once having with his visual system were taken care of. Moby now enjoys reading and is able to focus when he needs to.



Moby’s vision therapy process shows that you can improve your life with hard work and dedication. Meeting just once a week in the office, Moby had to put in the work at home and did so. Congratulations, Moby! We all hope that you enjoy reading and your improved ability to focus.

Vision Therapy Graduate

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