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Meet Our Vision Therapy Graduate: Makenna

Initial concerns:


  • Blurry/difficulty focusing

  • Difficulty Tracking

  • Words move on the page

  • Dislikes school/reading

  • School performance below potential

  • Difficulty completing work on time


Weeks of therapy: 24

Makenna devoted lots of time and energy to her vision therapy program. She was on top of her weekly homework and always came into sessions ready to work.

Makenna's hard work and perseverance didn't go unnoticed. Over time, her dedication began to yield tangible results. Her vision improved, and she became more adept at handling tasks that were once difficult for her. Her therapist could see the difference Makenna's dedication was making, not just in her physical abilities but also in her confidence.

She was able to reduce her glasses prescription by 3.00D as well!

vision therapy graduate

Her determination and focus were evident in the improvements she showed by the end. Her commitment was evident in how she engaged with her therapist and actively participated in every aspect of the program.


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