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Near Far Hart Chart, What’s the deal?

What’s the point?

Addresses: accommodation, acuity, tracking, and visual anchoring


Hart charts help train our accommodative system (our ability to change focus from distance to near). Specifically, they help improve our accommodative facility (our ability to increase and decrease our focus on demand). A variety of binocular vision problems decrease our ability to focus accurately. Some people focus too much and cannot relax, and some focus too little and experience blurry vision for close tasks.


How do I do it?

Place the larger chart on the wall at eye height. Hold the smaller chart at reading distance and stand 5-10 feet from the far chart. Read the charts line by line, alternating between charts each line. To make the activity more difficult or to train individual eyes at one time, wear your eye patch. The activity can be done standing or sitting.

You can also add a metronome for a rhythmic response.

Near Far Hart Chart


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