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Meet Our Graduate: Jonah

Initial concerns:

  • Headaches

  • Difficulty focusing

  • Double vision

  • Eyes tired

  • Difficulty tracking

  • Words moving on a page

  • Dislikes school and reading

  • Poor academic performance

  • Difficulty completing work on time

Weeks of therapy: 24 weeks

How are they doing now:

Jonah's parents, alarmed by their son's suffering and falling grades, sought help from a vision specialist. Jonah was diagnosed with various vision-related issues and was recommended vision therapy as a solution.

Through determination, hard work, and the guidance of a vision therapist, Jonah went from a life filled with vision-related challenges to one where he is symptom-free, enjoying his education, and excelling academically. His story inspires anyone facing vision-related issues and emphasizes the importance of seeking professional help to transform one's life for the better. Jonah's journey is a powerful reminder that there is hope for those who face similar challenges and that vision therapy can be a path to a brighter future.

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