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Meet Our Graduate: Jack

Initial concerns: Headaches, Loss of Focus, Blurry Vision, Disliked School.

Weeks of Therapy: 18.

How they are doing now:

The Early Struggles

Jack had difficulties focusing and had a dislike for reading and school. Although he stood out in mathematics Jack would struggle with reading which would be frustrating.

Seeking Help:

Jack and his family began looking for solutions for his trouble with reading. Jack and his family decided vision therapy was their best option as it is personalized, non invasive and would be able to help Jacks specific needs.

The Vision Therapy Journey:

Jacks journey began with a comprehensive eye exam to figure out the specific issues affecting his vision. The exam showed Jack had a hard time focusing and with his eye movements. It also showed that he was skipping lines while reading. When the therapy sessions began Jack was very determined and worked hard.

Progress & Success:

Jack worked very hard during his sessions and took his homework very seriously. Jack has become a prolific reader and has started different book series.

Jacks hard work was evident as he completed the therapy program in just 18 weeks.

Great work Jack!

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