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Meet Our Graduate: Brianna

Initial Concerns: Brianna is a bright young girl but struggled a lot with math and reading. She used to fall asleep while reading, got headaches frequently, skipped words, replaced words, and reversed her numbers.

Weeks of therapy: 24

How they are doing now:

The Struggle:

Brianna's story is not uncommon. Many people experience vision-related difficulties that can impact their daily lives. For Brianna, reading was a particular challenge. The frustrating habit of skipping lines made comprehension difficult and left her with persistent headaches. This struggle extended to various aspects of her life, affecting her academic performance.

Seeking Help:

Determined to find a solution, Brianna and her family explored vision therapy. Vision therapy is a personalized, non-invasive program to improve visual skills. It involves exercises and activities targeting specific visual problems, aiming to enhance overall eye function.

The Vision Therapy Journey:

Brianna's vision therapy journey began with a comprehensive eye examination to identify specific issues affecting her vision. The results revealed eye tracking and coordination weaknesses, contributing to her tendency to skip lines while reading. Under the guidance of a qualified vision therapist, Brianna started a customized program tailored to address her unique challenges. The therapy sessions incorporated a variety of exercises, ranging from eye tracking drills to activities that improved focus and coordination.

Gradual Progress & Success:

Her progress became evident as Brianna diligently committed to her vision therapy exercises. Over time, the frequency of skipping lines while reading diminished. The once persistent headaches that accompanied her reading sessions became infrequent then eventually ceased.

The absence of symptoms did not just measure Brianna's success; it was also reflected in her enhanced ability to concentrate, improved reading speed, and newfound confidence in her academic pursuits.

Vision Therapy Graduate

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