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Meet Our Graduate: Aiden

Initial Concerns:

  • Blurred close vision

  • Headaches with near work

  • Moves head when reading

  • Burning, itchy, watery eyes

  • Trouble keeping attention on reading

Weeks of Vision Therapy: 32 weeks

How are they doing now?:

A Rocky Start: Aiden's Amblyopia

Aiden's initial diagnosis was amblyopia, a condition where one eye (in his case, the right eye) doesn't achieve normal visual acuity, even with corrective lenses. When he first began therapy, his right eye's visual acuity stood at 20/250. Beyond this, Aiden battled an array of challenges including tracking issues, headaches, blurred vision, fatigue, and poor attention. These symptoms impacted not just his visual world, but his academic performance and overall well-being.

The Transformative Journey

Through consistent sessions, tailored exercises, and a lot of hard work, Aiden's journey in vision therapy was filled with milestones. His most notable achievement is the dramatic improvement in visual acuity in his right eye, which now stands at an impressive 20/30. This is an extraordinary achievement, especially considering where he started.

Beyond the Vision:

As his vision improved, so did his academic performance. Tasks that once seemed daunting or resulted in fatigue now come with ease. His teachers and peers have observed a more attentive, engaged, and energetic Aiden in class.

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