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"How Can Sports Vision Training Improve Athletic Performance?"

Sports vision training or sports vision therapy is a personalized therapy designed for athletes and directed towards certain visual skills.

What abilities does sports vision training improve for an athlete? 

  • Hand-eye coordination is the ability of the hands and eyes to work together. It is important to athletes for things like catching, throwing, and hitting a ball.

  • Depth Perception. The ability to see in three dimensions and judge the distance between objects. This is important for athletes in open spaces to be able to locate objects and avoid collisions.

  • Tracking is the ability to follow and keep one's eye on a moving object. Athletes who need to watch a ball move will benefit from this.

  • Localization is the ability to find and locate an object in space. Any athlete who has to see what they are aiming at will benefit from this. 

  • Processing Speeds: the ability to know and understand what we are seeing. This is important for athletes to be able to react quickly to changes within the sport.

  • Visual Attention is the ability to focus on what you want to focus on rather than any outside distractions. It is important for athletes to be able to stay locked into their sport and focus on the task at hand. 

Who is sports vision training for?

Sports vision training is for athletes of all ages or any individual who wishes to improve their visual skills and performance while participating in their respective sport. Whether you play football, hockey, race boats, snowboarding, tennis, etc., sports vision training can improve your ability to see and interact with the world around you faster and more accurately.

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