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Christina Zambrano Cevallos 

Initial concerns:


Blurry vision 

Double vision

Eyes hurt

Eyes fatigued

Words move on page

Difficulty tracking


Eye turn

Difficulty with sports


Weeks of therapy: 19


   With all of these initial struggles listed above, Christina was not performing at her full potential in school as well as in sports. With commitment to the vision therapy process at a very young age, she was able to overcome these struggles that her eyes were causing. She is proof that it does not matter the age, if you invest your time correctly, you will see the positive change you worked for. 


   She has fixed the daily struggles that make simple tasks difficult, making her daily life easier to live. Now she can play sports as she pleases without the added struggle of double vision. Although she has always performed well in school, it is now easier for her to perform exceptionally in school.

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